Enjoy the nature from here and there!

The Islands Spirits ( gin), it is the story of Benjamin young head chef fascinated by the nature and the distillation. His alcohols distilled, he learns to discover them and to taste them around the world of islands, according to his experiences professionals in the luxury hotel business.
A few years later and thousands of kilometers farther, it is the return in his own country and the strong urge to bottle this wild nature of the distant islands he discovered.
See what happen when a pasionate chef creat Gin… He makes it as he always made his kitchen: with boldness, creativity and delicacy by associating the products of his country of origin and with spices gleaned according to his(her,its) exotic adventures.
As a result: not one, but 3 Unique vintages bottles
Original recipes with botany rarely used: tropical wood, vintage tea of Sri Lanka, crazy spices, mix of Tropical flowers and others … A subtle association of perfumes from here and somewhere else.
Every vintage has its history, its universe and invites to explore new gustative territories.

Let go by the exotic nature!!!!

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